Students completing a giant timeline / Photo by Ben Filio
Future of Work Collaborative

Partners in K-12, higher ed, and workforce navigating the future of work

In a rapidly changing economy, we must reimagine and redefine what career readiness looks like and expand options for post-secondary education. The Future of Work Collaborative is composed of educators, industry members, higher education institutions, and other stakeholders who meet quarterly to brainstorm solutions and work collectively to bridge gaps between “traditional” K12 schools, CTE centers, and corporate entities to meet ensure each and every student is prepared for the future of work.

The Pittsburgh region needs a way to prepare youth for the future of work so that we have a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive economy for years to come. Members of the Remake Learning Network are collaborating to analyze the current state of workforce development, share promising practices, and build the partnerships required to prepare students for a changing world.

What is the Future of Work Collaborative?

The Future of Work Collaborative is a regional working group of stakeholders in K-12, post-secondary, and workforce education committed to rethinking and redesigning what it means for students to be ready: ready for college, ready for career, ready for life. Through this effort, Remake Learning seeks to build greater alignment between the region’s rich educational ecosystem and the needs of the modern workforce so that today’s young people are prepare for, and included in, the promise of the future.

To support Remake Learning network members, the Future of Work Collaborative focuses on coordinating activities and programs to enhance existing programs, reduce duplication, and leverage resources to make modern career readiness a reality.

Launched in 2019, the working group is currently in its initial phase and working group members are meeting quarterly to develop a collective shared vision based on stakeholder insights and feedback, in preparation for creating a tangible product valuable to the field.

Why the Future of Work?

The Pittsburgh region, like much of the rest of the world, is in the midst of a rapid social, technological, and economic change. High-technology industries like software development, robotics, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing hold the promise of prosperity for the future workforce. The greatest opportunity for people in the region will be in the high-skill jobs that these industries will bring to our community. Yet the traditional employment pipeline suffers from two gaps:

It leaves positions unfilled

The Pittsburgh region faces a potential worker shortfall of 80,000 by 2025

It leaves people out

Among comparable American cities, our region's workforce is one of the least diverse


Following up from the Reimagining Career and Technical Education conference convened by Remake Learning in November 2017, network members identified the need to strengthen and streamline partnerships between K-12 educators, CTE centers, industry leaders, and corporations among many other stakeholders to ensure all students are prepared for the future of work.

The future of work is full of opportunities and challenges arising from our ever-changing economy. The future of career readiness depends on combining diverse perspectives, sound policies, and effective implementation strategies that will prepare students for a multitude of career path trajectories.

Members of the Remake Learning network formed the Future of Work Collaborative to confront these challenges head on. Together, we’re finding and scaling successful interventions already underway in the region, and inventing novel approaches to making each and every child in our region future ready.