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Ryan Lee Eicheldinger

Interdisciplinary Video Game Developer at Unreal Engine Pittsburgh, NVIDIA, & STATE OF THE ART GAME STUDIO LLC

I am an award-winning game developer, currently serving as the Executive Director and Chief of Game Development at Unreal Engine Pittsburgh and a developer at NVIDIA. I am also a professional game development student at Harvard University, specializing in Computer Science for Professional Game Development. With a Guinness World Record in Video Game SFX, I have created 3D assets for Grammy-nominated producer and DJ DEADMAU5. My diverse skill set includes game engines, software development, C++, and 3D modeling.

I hold an associate's degree in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics, and Special Effects from Hutchings Museum Institute, where I achieved a perfect 4.0 grade. Additionally, I have certificates in computer systems networking, certified nurse assisting, criminal psychology, forensic science, criminology and profiling, and a 120-hour TESOL certificate for teaching English as a second language.

My commitment extends beyond gaming, as I've contributed to causes such as animal welfare, education, and disaster relief. In my role as Community Outreach Director and Interdisciplinary Game Developer at MonRiverGames, a West Virginia University-affiliated studio, I manage projects, prioritize key operations, and ensure technical efficiency and visual appeal in game development. I'm also a freelance game asset creator and tester for Manticore Games (CORE), contributing to real-time rendering and creating stunning visual effects for FPS genres.

In my journey as an augmented reality developer/engineer at QUY TECH, I worked on offshore development for the "Magnet 2019 Augmented Reality" application. I showcased adaptability by collaborating with international teams and excelled in scripting VFX and particles. Additionally, my expertise in videography and 3D modeling was honed at Hutchings Museum Institute in Lehi, UT. Recently, I received recognition for the Best Use of an Open Source 3D Game Engine at the NASA International Space Apps Competition, acknowledged by US Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. My involvement with Unreal Engine Pittsburgh showcases my dedication to community outreach and leadership. Currently pursuing advanced certifications in cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and game engine foundations, I strive for excellence in every aspect of my professional and educational journey. Summer of 2024 I'm excited to attend Harvard University to enhance my teaching skills, bringing back valuable insights from CS50, Harvard's introductory computer science course, for the benefit of Pittsburgh's diverse community of learners.
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