Remake Learning in the time of COVID-19

Find answers and connect to resources, promising practices, and virtual community building for K-12 educators and families.

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COVID-19 has caused teaching and learning practices to rapidly pivot. During this time, Remake Learning is working to curate the most helpful resources for K-12 educators, share promising practices and success stories, and create opportunities for virtual community building.

Together, we can navigate this uncertain time. We can transform a staggering challenge into an unprecedented opportunity for igniting more engaging, relevant, and equitable learning.

COVID-19 Virtual Assistant

Remake Learning has launched a virtual agent powered by IBM Watson Assistant for Citizens on IBM public cloud, specifically designed for educators, innovators, parents, and caregivers. Through a chat-based “virtual agent,” you can search a curated database of K-12 learning resources, remote learning information, regional school district procedures and closings, childcare services, and local government and public health updates.

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Promising Practices

Success stories and emerging best practices for teaching and learning in the time of COVID-19.

Educator Resources

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Families, caregivers, schools, nonprofits, and businesses are caught in a fast-moving, seismic shift in how kids learn. Help capture what’s happening—and inform future innovation. Tell Remake Learning Days what you’re thinking, noticing, and feeling about anything related to learning and family interactions.

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Virtual Convenings

Online professional development, virtual meetups, happy hours, and more. For more, see our full calendar.