Attendees get hands-on with programming at Maker Party [Pittsburgh Tribune Review]

Saturday's Maker Party celebration caught the eye of both of Pittsburgh's major newspapers. Check out the Trib's coverage of the event.

The Tribune Review was at the Maker Party this weekend too! Yesterday we shared the Post-Gazette’s coverage of the event, but check out the Tribune Review’s article on the fun of the Maker Party here too!

Juliet Forrest sat transfixed by a computer screen on Saturday morning as Jess Gold, a youth educator from Assemble, led her through an introduction to computer programming with Scratch.

The 5-year-old blonde from McCandless smiled as she manipulated the program, developed at MIT, to discover the building blocks of the visual computer language that generated a piano keyboard game. With time, Gold said, just about anyone can become comfortable with the free program and move on to make games.

“We’re really just empowering people through making. This is a hands-on program with art and technology,” Gold said, explaining her work station at the Maker Party in the gallery at the Society for Contemporary Crafts.

Read the full article on the Pittsburgh Tribune Review website.

Published August 05, 2014