Students tackle global issues at summer seminar [WESA-FM]

Listen to WESA-FM's piece on the 2014 Summer Seminar of Global Issues, taking place right now in Pittsburgh.

This summer with help from the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, youth from around the city have been learning about the major issues that effect the world around them on a global scale. This week they are convening at the 2014 Summer Seminar of Global Issues.

For a small group of local teenagers, part of their summer has been spent learning to think critically about global issues. For the past two weeks the students have been learning Mandarin Chinese and Arabic, hearing speakers who work in the international community and learning from one another in the 2014 Summer Seminar of Global Issues.

Gabe Ren, a 15-year-old rising junior at North Allegheny Senior High School said he always thought he wanted to go into international business. But after two weeks of hearing people speak to them about the work they do in refugee camps, researching climate change or in public health, his interests have widened.

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Published July 17, 2014