Hive Directors Talk about Putting Connected Learning in Action–Live from MozFest 2013

The directors of Hive New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh had a conversation at the MozFest in London to share ideas.

Hive Learning Networks are working with formal and informal educators in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh and across the globe to advance the principles of connected learning and re-imagine how learning is organized and supported across youth-serving organizations in urban centers. At the Mozilla Festival on October 25–27, 2013, webmakers and learning innovators came together to kickstart the creation of interactive tools for connected learning that help people explore, make, and share.

In conjunction with Connected Educator Month, three Hive directors Leah Gilliam (New York), Sam Dyson (Chicago), and Matt Hannigan (Pittsburgh) had a conversation at MozFest in London to share how these networks are linking academic achievement, peer social networks, and personal interests so that youth can learn anytime, anywhere. Listen to the conversation via Soundcloud.

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Special thanks to Dustin Stiver and Jordan Mroziak for the audio engineering and editing that made this podcast possible.

Published October 29, 2013