Hive Days of Summer kicks off at Warhol Youth Invasion

Hive teens are reinventing summer learning throughout Pittsburgh and it's kicking off at Youth Invasion at the Andy Warhol Museum!

Hive Pittsburgh unveiled its first large scale initiative: Hive Days of Summer, a three-month summer learning campaign coordinating more than 30 activities, camps, events, and workshops to remake summer learning for teens in the greater Pittsburgh area, making summer more mobile, more digital, more creative, and more collaborative, just like today’s digital teens.

Hive Days of Summer kicked off Friday, May 3rd at the Warhol Museum’s Youth Invasion as teens take over the museum for a night. This multi-faceted project features teen’s unique take on Andy Warhol, with their points of view, ideas, and creative expressions infusing the energizing the entire museum – its programming, interpretation, and display. Highlights of the program are the fashion show, performances by multiple local teen groups, youth-designed and facilitated activities, and a dance party.

“Hive Pittsburgh is creating connected learning opportunities that demonstrate the impact digital tools, design thinking and real world experiences can have on the way young people learn and socialize,” said Cathy Lewis Long, Executive Director of The Sprout Fund, the agency implementing Hive Pittsburgh. “Summer is the perfect time to engage teens outside of the classroom and create experiences in community libraries, museums, art venues, and other spaces to help them foster the creative and technology skills needed to thrive in our digital economy.”

When schools close their doors for summer, Hive Pittsburgh will be there to ensure the continuity of learning. Hive Days of Summer programs will provide teens with opportunities to develop necessary 21st century skills and engage in learning that encourages them to explore their interests, create their own creative works, and share what they make with their peers.

Get Involved with Hive Days of Summer

A limited number of Hive Days of Summer sponsorships will be made available to support Kids+Creativity Network members who wish to participate in the campaign. We’re looking for teen programs happening at museums, libraries, summer camps, community centers, parks, schools, and teen spaces of all kinds. Contact us via to express your interest.

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Published May 03, 2013