Creative Mornings comes to Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh has just been accepted to hold a Creative Mornings chapter! Host Kate Stoltzfus of yinzperation will be cultivating creatives for this monthly breakfast lecture series!

Attention! Calling All Creative Folks!

Pittsburgh has been granted a chapter of Creative Mornings!

What is Creative Mornings?

Creative Mornings is a network of people around the globe that facilitate free, monthly, morning meetings about creative ideas or projects. It’s a group of people who are seeking to spark some interest in creativity and encourage it in different ways. Essentially, Creative Mornings is a group of ambassadors from all over the world, promoting the same thing.

Cool. What happens?

The morning starts with people piling into a specific location at a specific time and greeting each other with a disgruntled “Good morning” or “Nice to see you”—everyone’s happy to not be at work yet, but still not thrilled they’re not spending the time in bed. Once a bit of coffee is served, the energy starts to pick up, and the excitement builds to hear the speaker. After they’ve had an effective dose of caffeine, people take their seats and listen attentively as speakers from the desired topic area talk about creativity. Meetings last no more than 90 minutes, everyone wants to leave for work by 10 o’clock (well, not everyone), and they go on their merry way with a new sense of inspiration or creative drive, as they mentally recap the things that were said and anxiously anticipate what will happen at next month’s meeting.

Want to know more?

Watch our application video! Or you can check out the announcement from our host, Kate Stoltzfus, to learn more. She’s the author of Yinzperation, a Pittsburgh-centric blog documenting her mission to interview 100 ‘Burghers!

Check and or for registration information on the debut event coming soon at The Warhol!

Published October 11, 2012