It’s Popular to Hack… and Make… and Share

People everywhere are hacking and making! Get involved in these awesome opportunities, and share with us what you thought!

Hacking into a computer? It’s been done. Hacking apart a machine? People do it all the time. Hacking apart objects and using the pieces to build new objects? Yep, they’re doing that, too. But hacking the medical profession? Now, that’s something new. Hacking is expanding and enveloping all sorts of definitions of activities and actions. A certain group of innovative thinkers in Palo Alto, California are taking it to the next level.

MedHack will be occurring August 10th through August 11th at The Institute for the Future in Palo Alto. Sponsored by Prebacked, the event is open to anyone who builds things, fixes people, or has a really great idea for the medical community. Participants in the 22 hour long MedHack will consist of innovators, makers, doctors, designers nurses, and anyone that might fit in between. The goal is to generate innovation and excitement in healthcare, health IT, and wellness. This sprint of a hack will keep minds racing and ideas forming as a collaboration of diverse individuals come together with a unified goal.

If you think you’ve got something to contribute to MedHack, and you’ve got a plane ticket to California, register today. Registration is about $28 in advance, and ten dollars more at the door. This two day hack session brings a whole new meaning to the term hack, only expanding the field. After the medical profession is hacked in August, what’s next?


Taking a step back from the med world and moving into the local ecosystem, there’s a great event following the Palo Alto, 22 hour hack-sprint! This one will save you airfare, too!


In September, the local hacking community joins the local making community for an event sure to draw large audiences in the Pittsburgh region. Through joint efforts of these individuals and organizes comes the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire 2012! The ‘Burgh’s Mini Maker Faire will feature products and projects that are created from local makers and hackers and serve as a platform for them to showcase their work. This event is only a small piece of a larger movement, that started in San Mateo, California back in 2006. Today, Maker Faires and Mini Maker Faires occur all over the world, all depicting the important value that is gained in hands-on making of something.

If you’ve got a project you’d like to showcase, or a product you made that you think you might want to sell at the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire, contact sponsors, Hack Pittsburgh and The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, ASAP! The call for makers deadline is rapidly approaching on August 15th, and that’s your last chance to get in on the action. The faire occurs in late September and promises to be the best one yet!


Have an exciting Hack event or an interesting Hack project? Are you organizing a Maker Movement workshop or highlighting Maker projects? We’d love to hear about it! Fill us in via email by writing to!


Published July 31, 2012