Digital Media & Learning Badge Development Research Competition: Call for Proposals

The Digital Media and Learning Badge Development Research Competition is making a call for proposals! Learn how to gain $75,000-$250,000 for your research!

Calling all research proposals that support and inform the design, development, and deployment of the digital badges and badge systems! The Digital Media and Learning Badge Development Research Competition has begun with a request for theoretical and empirical research proposals that address any of the following questions:

  • How have ranking, badging, reputations and achievement systems been used in games, clubs, competitions, and other forms of interest-driven activities? What design principles and guidelines might we glean from past and existing cases that can inform the development of badges for learning?
  • What role have accreditation and certificates played inside and outside of formal degree programs, including areas such as core curriculum, work skills training, arts, crafts, and other trades? More specifically, how might badging help to address some of the challenges currently facing teacher assessment and credentialing?
  • How have learning institutions, groups, and individuals produced, utilized, and exploited various credentialing and reputation systems? How has such credentialing been changing with the shifts to a digital and networked society?
  • How do badge creators define mastery? To what degrees are the competencies represented by the badging system and individual badges clear to the learners?
  • In what ways is mastery assessed? Are learners given productive opportunities to demonstrate mastery (in their application, in producing and not solely consuming knowledge, and in their participating in learning and knowledge production)?
  • How do badging systems conceptualize and operationalize learning pathways/trajectories? Do badging systems offer opportunities for learning connections and interactions with others, as well as for feedback? For leveling up along the learning trajectory? How or to what extent are novice to expert trajectories made available?
  • How is the badging system conceiving and operationalizing validation or legitimacy of the learning taking place, and so too of the badges being issued?

Occurring in two stages, the application requires an initial submission of a Letter of Intent and, with authorization, a Final Application submitted for judging. Find more information on either stage of the application process here. Be sure to have your Letter of Intent ready by 5:00pm on August 27th, 2012 for priority consideration! Once notified of receipt, Final Applications will be due by 5:00pm on October 1st, 2012.

Published July 30, 2012