Social Media Makes Learning Fun With Learnist

Learnist is a creative learning site that hopes to connect experts to amateurs and help us all learn something new in the process.

The internet has been making learning fun for decades. From the days of clipart-littered Angelfire pages to the information universe of Wikipedia, the world wide web has certainly come a long way. There’s a lot of knowledge out there to be sure, but finding the info you need and organizing it in a way that’s clear and actionable hasn’t always been easy — until now. Enter Learnist, a creative learning site that hopes to connect experts to amateurs and help us all learn something new in the process.

Learning Made Fun

So what exactly is Learnist? It’s more than just a website — it’s an entirely new way of looking at websites. Remember how Myspace and Facebook changed the way we thought of socializing and interacting online? Learnist might just change the way we look at learning. How? By taking that social sphere, accessing all the knowledge that can be found there and organizing it in a way that and makes learning fun and simple. Still a little confused? Here’s a video to help explain:



In short, Learnist is a bit like Facebook meets Pinterest meets YouTube meets … well, everything else on the internet. That’s a lot of ground to cover, but the organized nature of the site makes sifting and structuring a whole lot easier. We can’t help but get a little excited about the possibilities. So who can use Learnist and what can they do with it? Here are just a few of our ideas:

  • Teachers can assign students to work in groups to design a board for class projects.
  • Families can create multi-media boards that replace the boring family newsletter.
  • Artists can collaborate and find inspiration for future work.
  • Event planners can create boards and couples can brainstorm about weddings.
  • Individuals can create a “one stop shop” for collecting personal research.
  • Casual browsers can become active learners.

Of course one of the most entertaining ways to use the site is to simply browse the topics. We’ve already discovered some interesting ideas and learned some pretty neat things. To help get you started, here are a few of our favorite boards:

Special Learning Types on Learnist. This board explains how to embed special “smart” components — a must for educators hoping to use these boards as classroom teaching aids.

Flipped Classroom. Unclear on what a “flipped classroom” is and does? This board helps demystify the term while providing expert advice and helpful learning tools.

The Classroom of the Future. How will students learn in the future? That’s the question this board aims to address with infographics, TEDEd tools and more.

Educator Web Resources. This board boasts a collection of free web resources to help teachers create and implement engaging curriculums.

D.I.Y. & Education. The maker movement, hacking, project-based learning, D.I.Y. education — whatever you call it, this board can help teach you about it and give you the learning tools you need to implement some new teaching strategies in your classroom or home.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Okay, so this board might not exactly fit in with our other education boards, but while you’re visiting Learnist, it can’t hurt to learn some zombie survival skills. It’s better to be prepared than to be sorry, right?

As far as creative learning tools are concerned, this is definitely one to look into. So head over to and start exploring today. We have no doubts that some of our friends and project managers in the Spark network will jump onboard and contribute to the movement. When you do, we want to hear about it! Put that social media connection to use and share your board with us on Facebook. We can’t wait to learn something new with you!


Published June 01, 2012