World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh

A two-week, interactive course designed to help students understand contemporary global issues and hone critical language skills.

The Summer Seminar on Global Issues is designed to help students understand and think critically about their world—and the various issues, connections, and perspectives within it. Created for students entering their junior or senior year in high school, this innovative program is a two-week, interactive course focusing on both contemporary global issues and critical language skills. Through problem-solving activities and discussions with experts, participants will strengthen their understanding of overarching global issues and how these issues shape the world around them. Students will acquire greater global competence, cross-cultural understanding, and language proficiency—key skills needed to succeed in a global knowledge economy.

Through the guidance of a teacher facilitator, students will learn about a range of interdisciplinary global issues including health, the environment, human rights, refugees, education, security, and diplomacy through the lens of global trends. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to hear from nationally and internationally ranked experts representing the academic, think tank, business, nonprofit, and government sectors on these issues. Through interactive activities and simulations, students will develop leadership and critical thinking and decision-making skills in addition to other 21st century skills.

This program is part of Pittsburgh City of Learning, an initiative of The Sprout Fund. Learn more at the launch event on June 10th.

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