Penn State CITY
Penn State CITY

Penn State CITY focuses on opening doors to opportunities for youth in vulnerable communities through learning pathways designed to increase their human capital and support the redevelopment of their communities.

Beginning in June 2016 and ending in May 2018, Penn State CITY students will be able to participate in a six-track program, over their junior and seniors year, which focuses on youth positive development through mentorship, service learning, and STEAM education.

The Penn State CITY program is the urban youth development model for Penn State University, focused on opening doors to educational and career opportunities for youth in their communities. Through experiential learning opportunities, Penn State CITY students engage in inquiry-based projects and while receiving sustained mentorship designed to pave the way to viable careers, transform their life chances, and support the redevelopment of their communities. Through practice, participation, and mentorship, students are prepared to assume leadership roles within their communities and are better prepared to enter 21st-century career fields.

CITY’s purpose is to: 1) support urban youth in developing a broad view and strong understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEAM); 2) help urban youth develop and demonstrate sound interpersonal and leadership skills; 3) foster the ability of youth to act as assets in community-revitalization efforts; and, 4) enable youth to better understand and plan for career pathways aligned with their interests and skills. The goal of which is improving their chances for long-term success and fulfillment.

Ultimately, our vision for Penn State CITY is to develop coalition of talented young people from across Pittsburgh’s urban communities who, in developing as individuals, gain the ability and incentive to make a demonstrable positive impact on their world.

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