Peg + Cat / Image courtesy of PBS Kids
Peg + Cat / Image courtesy of PBS Kids

Solving math problems in a wacky world backed with graph paper

Peg + Cat is a pre-school math show that follows its namesakes, the adorable Peg and her sidekick Cat, as they use math to solve problems of all shapes and sizes in their fantastic graph-paper-backed world. In each 11 minute episode Peg and Cat find themselves thrust into the middle of a wacky word problem. This problem isn’t just an academic exercise for them, it’s a real life problem…a messy funny crisis they have to solve to get themselves out of trouble.

By using characters kids relate to and laugh with, and situations their thrilled and entertained by, Peg + Cat makes math problems cool.

PBS ifs presently considering producing 80 episodes of Peg + Cat.

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