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Youth Leading Change provides spaces in schools that allow for youth to lend voice and plant the seeds of change in education transformation. YLC learning spaces are “youth-led and teacher-powered”; promoting the organizing of youth and teachers as agents of change. 

Youth Leading Change from Duquesne University with Gwen’s Girls, The Restorative Justice Group, Sisters of eSTEAM, Power(ed) by Grace, and Amil Cook Media Services. Playlists and badges will support youth in producing stories of their experiences through media research, digital storytelling, audio production, photography, podcasting, activism, and self-esteem building.

Ready to upset.disrupt.ignite.transform? Youth Leading Change promotes the power of youth and teachers as change agents who are committed to social justice and equity in today’s schools. Using the power of youth voice and advocacy, Youth Leading Change equips teachers and their students with the resources to advocate for and educate the larger community on issues that matter to them most. Rooted in concepts of critical citizenship, Youth Leading Change seeks to use innovative learning techniques to promote effective teaching and learning in school environments across the region.

Using the intersection of social justice and 21st Century learning as its foundation, Youth Leading Change supports young people and teachers that want to use their classrooms as spaces for problem-solving and community building. In an effort to tackle institutionalized oppression, YLC partners have created impactful digital and traditional media pieces that have informed their peers, educational leaders, and community members about important and critical topics that matter the most to them.

Youth Leading Change resources youth and their teachers to examine a social issue or concern that is based in their communities and contextualized to their education. Each year we hold a day-long youth summit that pairs community-based organizations with over 100 youth to create media rich projects that showcase their cutting-edge solutions to social change.

Now in its third year, Youth Leading Change will continue to provide avenues that promote classroom practices that merges academic content with opportunities for advocacy. We seek to continue to provide tools to schools so that all students, and specifically students from under-resourced areas are able to engage in innovating learning across all content areas.

Target Audience(s)

Middle and high school students (6th – 12th grade)

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