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Learning outside gives youth a sense of stewardship for their environment and their community. Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, GTECH, the Student Conservation Association, and Venture Outdoors teamed up to give young people a pathway from in-school outdoor learning experiences to paid conservation-related employment opportunities in the summer.

Young Conservationist Connected Learning from Student Conservation Association with Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, GTECH Strategies, and Venture Outdoors. Playlists and badges will provide knowledge, support, and connected activities to enhance and recognize students’ next-level commitments to conservation.

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy will issue the “Young Conservationist” badge to all participants of the High School Urban EcoStewards (HSUES) program, including those students who choose to enroll in the supplemental CLC XPs offered by SCA. For students who complete four of the five CLC XPs offered, SCA proposes awarding the “Conservation Leader” badge to recognize students’ next-level commitment to conservation.

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy’s High School Urban EcoStewards program offers a starting point and ensures that the playlist opportunities are available to a broad range of students, including PPS.

SCA’s Conservation Leadership Corps program provides the fundamental knowledge that prepare students to do substantive outdoor conservation work. Venture Outdoors and GTECH provide both digital and local learning experiences that will be woven into both High School Urban EcoStewards and the Conservation Leadership Corps and also offered as outside activities for interested students.

The Young Conservationist badge unlocks the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Young Naturalist Summer Program and a Trip Leader Specialist position with Venture Outdoors.
The Conservation Leader badge will unlock the Student Conservation Association National High School Crew Summer Program.

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