Let’s Move Pittsburgh
Let’s Move Pittsburgh

Let’s Move Pittsburgh is a collaborative of organizations, parents and caregivers in southwestern Pennsylvania committed to leading children in our region toward a healthier future.

Let’s Move Pittsburgh—modeled after First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! national campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of healthy foods, increased exercise and decreased screen time for children—is a collaborative effort of organizations in Southwestern Pennsylvania committed to addressing childhood obesity in our region. Since many lifetime habits are established in childhood, Let’s Move Pittsburgh focuses on children and advocates on their behalf by: 1) Identifying and building upon current best practices; 2) Uncovering, analyzing and removing barriers to change; and 3) Developing and establishing a consistent message among healthcare providers, early childcare centers, schools, out of school and community programs, and the food, restaurant and beverage industry about what we should be doing for children now to foster better habits for the future. Engaging communities with an interest in and a capacity for making a difference, Let’s Move Pittsburgh ultimately seeks to better understand childhood obesity, and then tackle it with a unified approach that anyone with a stake in this issue can follow to meet a common goal.

Why We’re Moving
~The latest research shows that the environments we live in and the public policies our leaders enact directly impact the foods our children eat and how much physical activity they get.
~When schools, early childhood education programs and after school programs have healthy foods and beverages in their cafeterias and vending machines, students eat better.
~When communities have accessible parks and bike trails and vigorous physical education programs in schools, children are more active.
~When neighborhoods have supermarkets, farmers’ markets and restaurants that offer affordable healthy foods, families eat more nutritiously.

So Pittsburgh … Let’s Move!


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