Mock-up of Desks that Holy Family Academy Students with Build this Summer!
Mock-up of Desks that Holy Family Academy Students with Build this Summer!

At Holy Family Academy, learning begins before the first day of school when freshmen build their own desks and learn about STEAM principles over the summer.

BYODP was developed as an integral part of the Holy Family Academy summer orientation camp program for the incoming freshman class. The program, which runs through the month of July 2014 and is located at the school’s campus in Emsworth, BYODP provides students with the real-word, hands-on experience to learn to develop these values and ethics. All incoming freshmen will actively participate in building and personalizing the desks. Each student will receive the necessary individual attention required to assure that the desks are completed successfully.

The mission of the Holy Family Academy (HFA) is to prepare students to succeed in work and life and to contribute to the civic, religious, business and cultural life of society. The primary goal of the school is to prepare students to succeed in post-secondary education: apprenticeship programs, two-year technical programs, or traditional four-year colleges. By experiencing a rigorous, relevant, real world, 21st century curriculum and in-depth work experience, students will be prepared for a diverse array of jobs and careers after high school. Students work one day per week as part of the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) in order to develop a strong work ethic, develop communication and team building skills, and to pay the tuition for a private Catholic high school education.

This program is part of Pittsburgh City of Learning, an initiative of The Sprout Fund. Learn more at the launch event on June 10th.

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