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A center for creative inquiry, experimentation, and discovery

The Baden Academy Charter School Media Lab’s innovative research approaches empower a community of learners to bring to fruition real world projects that benefit the entire community. It is located on the first floor at Baden Academy Charter School.

The Lab is an atmosphere unconstrained by traditional disciplines and supports cross discipline efforts to generate worthy ideas, engage in critical research, prototype using out of the box thinking, imagineer great design and beauty, reflect on the skills and relationships built, and creatively present the fruits of project/passion based learning.

The Lab takes its cue from several ground-breaking innovation labs around the country.

  • CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center’s interdisciplinary approach to combine technology and fine arts with a focus to produce artifacts that are intended to entertain, inform, inspire, or otherwise affect others.
  • CMU’s CREATE Lab’s mission to empower technological fluency and create socially meaningful innovation and deployment of robotic technologies and electronic prototyping.
  • The d.school at Stanford focus on alternative methods of problem solving and allowing the type of problem we want to solve shape how we should use the tools of design thinking.
  • The MIT Media Lab’s ground-breaking antidisciplinary approach to the development of systems to improve the way people live, learn, express themselves, work and play.

Students are encouraged to take risks, pull others across perceived boundaries, and engage all members of our learning community – administration, teachers, and students alike – to discover and apply new possibilities for advancing our mission.

Thinking, working, and learning both “outside the box” and “beyond the clock” of the traditional public school model, students and faculty working in the Lab apply unorthodox learning, teaching and research strategies to envision innovative solutions for overcoming barriers to education success and achievement.

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