Mary Ann Steiner
Mary Ann Steiner

Designing and researching informal learning and community collaboration

Mary Ann’s career has been shaped by 18 years spent at the Science Museum of Minnesota, establishing and running a center where teens developed and presented informal science experiences to public audiences in the museum and neighborhood settings.  Her Master’s program field study took her to Northern Ireland to help establish museum-based youth programs.  She has recently completed a two-year rotation at the National Science Foundation as a program officer for the Informal Science Education program.  These experiences have led to her current research interest in the role that content-rich community resources can play in supporting community learning for people of all ages, and the ways community knowledge can inform the work of these same institutions.  She has joined UPCLOSE at the University of Pittsburgh. Currently she is the Curator for Public Engagement at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and is partnering with UPCLOSE to establish a center for learning that focuses on the museum’s exhibitions and educational programs.  Mary Ann holds an M.Ed. in Youth Development Leadership from the University of Minnesota (2007) and a B.A. from Bard College in New York.


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