Dennis Smiddle
Dennis Smiddle

Experienced health and safety inspector for child care, education, and recreation

Dennis Smiddle is a retired PA DPW Child Care Licensing Representative (18 years), former Certified Playground Safety Inspector (6 years), PA Keys Playground Safety Trainer (6 years) and current owner/operator of FANS of Play LLC.

Dennis Smiddle has over 35 years of experience with health and safety inspections, regulations, standards, guidelines, recommendations, and best practices in the fields of child care, education, recreation, and playground construction.

FANS of Play advocates for more Fitness, Arts, Nature, and Science in outdoor play environments. These play opportunities are necessary in today’s world and more beneficial towards building healthier lifestyles. They can provide more physical, emotional, social, and cognitive benefits to better deal with current issues such as the disconnect with nature, responsible environmental stewardship, obesity, bullying, and STEM learning.

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