Helen Garrison Bradlow
Helen Garrison Bradlow

Incorporating STEAM into everyday learning in the Pre-K classroom

Helen Garrison Bradlow received her MAT from Chatham University in Early Childhood Education in 2008. Since then, she has taught in both public and private Early Childhood Center including 3 years in the San Francisco Unified School District. She currently is the Lead Educator of the Pre-K classroom at Shady Lane School in Pittsburgh, PA.

A word from Helen:
I am thrilled to be back in my hometown of Pittsburgh! I enjoy being a teacher to this age so much. I am very lucky to be in a school environment where I get to create my own curriculum with my Educator team based on the interests of the children in our care. My professional goals are to learn and grow as much as possible while working full time and being a full time mom to my 2 year old daughter. My team strives to incorporate STEAM into our daily lessons, planned or unplanned. I look forward to connecting to other educators who feel the same way!

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