Jason Burik
Jason Burik

Artist, educator, Lego builder

Jason Burik is a Pittsburgh-based artist who creates amazing replica models out of Lego building blocks. When he was in college he took his long-time hobby into a full-fledged business. Since starting his own company he has been commissioned to do work for professional sports teams, large corporations, universities, hospitals, public schools and museums. He also has created personalized gifts for people over the entire world.

At the age of 7 he started creating models with Lego blocks but one day decided to try a more challenging endeavor. He constructed a built-to-scale model of his parent’s home using the blue prints. The finished project was not only self-rewarding but also appreciated by family and friends. His first commissioned project came from the Pittsburgh Pirates Major League Baseball team creating a miniature of their ballpark.

The next progression was to teach these skills to others, thus began the concept of building camps. Jason says the camps give students the opportunity to construct, learn and grow in rewarding ways.

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