Pittsburgh Code & Supply
Pittsburgh Code & Supply

Building Pittsburgh’s tech community

Code & Supply is not a meetup, but a club of like-minded people. People who are devoted to bettering themselves and creating awesome tech.

We’ve taken the traditional model of user groups devoted to one piece of technology and shredded it to pieces by hosting meetups dedicated to any kind of technology. We are on the forefront of emerging technology, hosting meetups on Clojure, Rust, Elixir, Swift, Ruby, JavaScript and any other language that may be interesting enough to get together and discuss.

We also focus on broader topics, with meetings about DevOps, programming in the world of journalism, programming as art and more in our lecture series.

And finally, we realize that the members of our community are people and we host things just for the sake of getting together with like minded people. We’ve hosted bike rides, rock climbing nights, and drink socials and had a good time together.

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