The Pitt Bridge
The Pitt Bridge

Empowering youth to become STEM leaders in their community

The Pitt-Bridge is an extracurricular program that empowers youth to become STEM leaders in their community by engaging in authentic community-based participatory research, developing academic skills and improving community health.
The Pitt-Bridge VISION is to excite underserved youth in STEM by engaging in health research in their community, become family health advocates, and improve community health. It does so through its MISSION to provide an opportunity for underserved youth to participate in health science clubs where rigorous experiential learning is conducted in an after-school setting. Pitt-Bridge clubs consist of a small group of youth who meet on a regular schedule and are engaged in authentic community-based health-science research, developing cognitive skills, including critical thinking, leadership and literacy, and social skills of curiosity, self-esteem, and self-empowerment to understand they can create change, and develop grit and sense of coherence in facing adversity.

Research Base
To read more about the research base underlying the Pitt-Bridge program design and how participation in health science clubs have dramatically improved the college matriculation rate and college completion rate for participating students, please visit our webpage.

Pitt-Bridge Clubs
During the 2015-2016 school-year, Pitt-Bridge clubs were operating at Clairton City High School, Gwen’s Girls, Homewood Children’s Village (summer 2015), and Steel Valley High School.

How to Become Involved
Pitt-Bridge is always looking to work with students, parents, teachers, school districts, and community organizations. Please contact us, if you want to become involved.


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