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iTwixie / Image courtesy of iTwixie is the safest and most empowering social network for tweens. is the safest and most empowering social network for tweens. It’s full of character-building and uber fun challenges for tween girls. iTwixie is 100% moderated and safe from bullying, inappropriate or mature content, and accidental sharing of personal information.

At the core, iTwixie offers tween girls what they care most about:

  • Music: Original theme songs and a Top Ten Tween Girl Hit List that iTwixie Tweens keep current
  • Being Smart: Tons of ways to help tweens learn more, get smarter and tell the world all about it
  • Self Expression & Attention: girls get to vote for contest winners, content, speak out, get to know girls from all over the planet and show off their own ideas


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