Interbots / Image courtesy of Entertainment Technology Center
Interbots / Image courtesy of Entertainment Technology Center

Designing interactive characters, toys that express themselves

Interbots started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2005 as a spinoff of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center.

Our primary goal at Interbots is to create compelling interactive characters who enable memorable experiences with their guests. To that end, we specialize in the design and construction of custom interactive characters (both physical and virtual), control software, and interactive multimedia content. Quasi, our first animatronic character, was selected to be the mascot of the World’s Fair for Kids, and has made numerous television appearances including ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS Evening News Eye on America, Regis and Kelly, the Science Channel, and the Discovery Channel. Quasi has been featured in several academic conferences, including the SIGGRAPH 2005 Emerging Technologies Exhibition in Los Angeles, CA. Our second character, Moxi, was built for the Singapore Science Center, where she is currently installed.

In 2007, Interbots began exploring the adaptation of our technology to consumer products, specifically toys for children. We hope to release our first robotic toy character to the market in 2010.

At Interbots we believe in the philosophy of technological transparency: allow technology to support the experience, but not become the experience. While much of the work we have done is highly technical, our end goal is a solid and engaging experience. We do not implement technology for technology’s sake, and will not support a feature or capability if we feel it does not contribute to the overall character and experience we are trying to create.

We believe that the desire to create, interact with, and roleplay as characters is a basic desire of all people. We see robotics not just as a path for useful automotons but also as an evolution of imagination and human expression. The goal of the Interbots work is to allow everyone to explore animatronic expression of personality and emotion without being held back by the complexity of the underlying technology.

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