Working at the intersection of community development and the green economy

GTECH is a 501(c)3 that works at the intersection of community development and the green economy. The programming at GTECH is designed to spur action by binding together individuals in formative and enduring ways. Whether it be vacant land or wasted energy, these platforms serve as opportunities to empower individuals in underserved communities throughout Allegheny County to own solutions to some of the most complex problems their neighborhoods face.

GTECH has developed a methodology in making sure that our solutions and programming are both vetted and effective. Our four-pronged approach (Investigate, Act, Connect and Sustain) is based on our experience in planning, community engagement and on-the-ground implementation. This methodology is critical in allowing GTECH, an organization with an operating budget of close to $1.5 million and staff of 20, to deliver quality programming rooted in the communities and individuals we serve.

At the heart of GTECH’s mission is the premise that the process of improving places can be not only a driver of economic development, but also a tool for individual empowerment. This focus on improving both people and place simultaneously can fuel a community development process while stemming the often overwhelming challenges of urban decay and disinvestment. Our purpose as a nonprofit organization is to ensure that the pathways for a remedy of unhealthy places is accessible, relevant, inspirational and generates a new value in that particular place.

Specifically the Green Playces program seeks to target the clear gap in educational services and physical assets in five neighborhoods through a new “Green Playces” initiative.

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