A network of STEM clubs serving thousands of girls and under-represented minorities.

GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) started in 1994 by volunteers in northern Virginia to encourage girls to take high-level math and science classes in high school to expand their college and career options. This one club has now burgeoned to 10 clubs in Venango County, PA, 40 clubs throughout Northern Virginia as well as dozens across the country and worldwide. GEMS has expanded its mission to encourage girls to pursue education and careers in all STEM fields, particularly technology, engineering and related high-paying, entrepreneurial enterprises.

The GEMS mission now is to ensure that a girl sees herself as a change agent or a problem-solver, a possible technology entrepreneur, engineer or a scientist, and as a person who makes a difference.

GEMS also serves as a resource to parents and teachers who are concerned about girls’ participation in the future. The website and Facebook pages receive thousands of views each month by adults seeking to help girls in their lives.

GEMS is targeted at girls in grades 3-12.

Parent Organization
Bridge Builders Community Foundations (fiscal sponsor)

Project Team
Laura Reasoner Jones, Founder and Director


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