Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

Innovation, research, and education in computer science

Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science (SCS) is one of the world’s premier institutions for computer science research and education. From the beginnings of “thinking computers” through today’s intelligent tutors, our award-winning faculty, researchers and students are internationally known for consistently developing new methods and technologies that have an enduring impact on academic, scientific and commercial endeavors. Innovations such as speech recognition software, Internet search engines and the precursor of the Mac OSX operating system can trace their roots to the interdisciplinary and collaborative environment of SCS and the technologically advanced Carnegie Mellon campus.

The educational experience available at SCS is unparalleled. Our undergraduate program prepares students to be industry and academic leaders who can apply technology and computer science principles across a wide variety of fields. Our Ph.D. program is currently ranked number one by U.S. News and World Report. Additional opportunities for an SCS education are available outside Pittsburgh as well. The Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley campus offers an industry-focused master’s programs in software engineering and management. Internationally, students can earn an SCS undergraduate degree at the Carnegie Mellon Qatar campus, a master’s degree in Entertainment Technology in Melbourne, Australia or a master’s degree in human-computer interaction in collaboration with the University of Madeira in Portugal.

SCS is unique in the breadth of computer science research that it encompasses. Within our seven departments, researchers and theorists are working on tomorrow’s problems today. They are designing reconfigurable nanotechnology, deciphering the language of proteins, automating discovery of the defects that lead to disease, harnessing human computation, investigating the intersection of privacy, security and public policy and creating robots of every shape and size.

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