Remake Learning at SXSWEDU 2018
Remake Learning at SXSWEDU 2018

Help bring the Pittsburgh region’s learning innovations to SXSW EDU 2018 – vote for Remake Learning Network members’ panel ideas!

SXSW EDU is a component of the South by Southwest conference and festival dedicated to education innovation. PanelPicker is a crowd-sourced platform that allows the community to submit their innovative ideas and decide which ideas become panels. Show your support for these panels submitted by Remake Learning Network organizations and people by casting your vote!

20/20: 20 years of VR hardware in 20 minutes

Virtual reality hardware has existed for half a century, though the hefty price tag often associated with this technology has limited its scalability beyond R&D and university settings. In this high-energy session, guests will journey through the evolution of head-mounted displays over the last two decades with John Balash and Tyler Samstag, and explore how the mass-production of VR technology is reinvigorating teachers old and new. Artifacts and VR icons from CMU’s ETC will drive the session.
(from CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center)

Accessible low-cost VR for the Classroom

Virtual Reality technology made a bold entry into K-12 classrooms but empowering students and teachers to be content creators and storytellers remains nascent in schools and afterschool programs. SocialVR is a browser-based authoring tool designed for non-technical users and youth to create immersive stories. This workshop will include a demonstration of the technology and the opportunity to play and brainstorm with other educators.
(from Social VR Lab)

Booeys: A Path to Tech Careers Through Gameplay

Built to support the TechHire Initiative in Pittsburgh, Booeys: A Ghost’s Code, is a free, mobile game that connects players to tech careers. Booeys affirms players who demonstrate key aptitudes underlying technical work and eventually directs the player to TechHire resources. 36 Booeys players are already enrolled in real-life tech bootcamps. This case study will explore the design and production decisions that went into making Booeys a success and address some lessons learned from the process.
(from Simcoach Games)

Butterfly Effect: Build Diverse Learning Networks

Networks can help solve challenges that no one person or organization can tackle alone, yet funding for that “connective tissue” is often elusive. In addition, a wide ranging spectrum of barriers including culture, language, race and class persists that further restricts participation, collaboration, and understanding. This workshop will provide participants with practical tools a) to build a learning network, and b) articulate the importance and necessity to fund “connective tissue”.
(from SCE and Remake Learning)

Catalyzing Innovation Through Partnerships

Speakers from a suburban district, project-based private school serving marginalized youth and other partners from Remake Learning will share how partnerships have led to student success and engagement. Learn about how to find community partners, cultivate relationships with local businesses, design research studies with universities and programming like Remake Days, a 12-day celebration of activities and events showcasing everything that makes the Pittsburgh region a recognized national leader.
(from Holy Family Academy and GTECH Strategies)

Conditions Before Innovation

Innovation is so synonymous with today’s culture that it seems as if the latest technology, gadgets and creations pop up without warning. But before new concepts can be realized, certain “Conditions Before Innovation” must be met to provide the educational framework needed to realize students’ full potential. During this session, the following crucial “Conditions Before Innovation” will be examined: leadership, environment, teacher role, student expectation, curriculum, and partnerships.
(from Intermediate Unit 1 and Inventionland Institute)

Dance in Urban Education

In this session we will discuss/explore the impact of dance in the classroom. As a creative art, dance & movement can be the solution to anxiety, stress, anger and depression amongst students in urban communities. Through our experience as Heinz Fellows & teaching artists in Pittsburgh we have seen the positive effects of movement in urban school environments and how as a practice, HipHop dance promotes culturally relevant pedagogy; allowing students time to decompress, heal, and express.
(from Attack Theatre and Level Up Studios)

Everyday Interactions Matter

We believe the essential ingredient of early childhood quality starts with everyday interactions between educators & children. By identifying and capturing these moments, we can recognize the deep & simple in our daily work & grow as professionals. EIM is a professional development initiative focusing on everyday staff-child interactions as the raw material for learning & reflection, we focus on the single essential quality ingredient that matters more than any other element.
(from Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC))

Expanding Maker Education Through Community Hubs

Making Spaces is a partnership between Maker Ed, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and 15 Regional Hubs to form a national network which has supported the integration of making in 60+ schools across the country in the first year of the program. Panelists will discuss their successes and challenges around sustainability, fundraising, and community building, as well as share visioning and goal setting tools from the Crowdfunding for Making in Schools Toolkit.
(from Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Scott Family Amazeum, San Mateo Office of Education, and the Maker Education Initiative)

Funding Innovation for Next Generation Learning

School districts face many financial and technical challenges due to a lack of funding availability. What if school districts could make facility upgrades and improve their students’ learning environment without upfront costs or tax increases? Discover how a school district with a $5-7M operating deficit utilized a fully integrated financial solution to restore a fund balance and created an interactive learning environment for students, all while addressing their critical infrastructure needs.
(from Connellsville Area School District, Kiseiel & Associates and ABM)

How K-12 is Shaping the Development of VR Ed-Tech

Strategic partnerships between K-12, higher ed, and industry have created opportunities for educators and students to shape the development and design of educational VR software. This session will share unique partnerships between CMU, Schell Games, and schools in PA, exploring how all participants have gained deeper understandings of pedagogy and practice. We will conclude with a candid discussion on how we have navigated through the obstacles that arise during cross-sector collaboration.
(from Allegheny Intermediate Unit, CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center and Schell Games)

Inclusion in the Making: Maker Experience for ALL.

Making is an inherently equitable learning experience; however, the populations we see within the maker movement are not representative of our classrooms. Intentional design of the maker classroom creates environments where all feel welcome to make and learn. This panel will provide perspectives on how to leverage the science of learning variability through UDL and other frameworks, to promote access/inclusion in maker ed, with a focus on the design of learning culture, curriculum, and space.
(from Nation of Makers, Beaver Country Day School, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, and the Community Science Workshop Network)

Message from Me: Enhancing Adult-Child Interaction

In this session, participants will discover the powerful impact of Message from Me (MFM) at Jefferson-Morgan School District and Pittsburgh Public Schools, two vastly different community settings in the Southwestern region of Pennsylvania. MFM serves as a digital tool for children to share their daily learning experiences. Presenters will highlight the application of technology and how MFM enhances adult-child interactions and the home-school connection in both a rural and urban community.
(from the Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC) and CMU’s CREATE Lab)

Personalizing Learning With Community Partnerships

What role can community partnerships play in personalizing and deepening student learning? Discover how a history museum and one school district partnered across multiple grades and disciplines to tear down the walls of the traditional classroom and build a new one inside a nine acre historic fort within their community. Hear the story from three key players, learn how it impacted student learning and motivation, and discover practical steps to find your own community or school partner.
(from Fort Ligonier and Ligonier Valley School District)

Re-envisioning the K-12 Computer Science Pipeline

We have formulated a novel vision for teaching computer science (CS) in K-12 education and are piloting it in Pittsburgh schools, thanks to a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. Districts face challenges training teachers in computer programming, developing engaging curricula with pointed learning goals, and achieving successful outcomes for students. This partnership utilizes incubators and relies on expertise and support from the university to build a culture of excellence in CS.
(from South Fayette Township School District, Carnegie Mellon University and Teknowledge)

Starting Fresh: Designing an Innovative School

Innovation in education is often focused on internal change management, but the last five years have seen an explosion of new school models and the future promises to see even more schools built from scratch across the country. This panel discussion will feature school leaders who are building new schools, focusing on how new schools or programs can act responsibly and intentionally while taking advantage of the freedom to be responsive in such a rapidly changing educational system.
(from Holy Family Academy, Bennett Day SchoolHigh Tech High Graduate School of Education, and CodEd Academy)

Student entrepreneurship: Beyond the business

Entrepreneurship has quickly become a hot topic in education. But why? Is there anything of substance there? The short answer: yes. Beyond the hype, entrepreneurship can serve as a powerful vehicle for student empowerment, school culture revolution, and community transformation. This session will explore what entrepreneurship is, what it looks like in the classroom, how it unleashes student creative confidence, and what key stakeholders can do to leverage its unique characteristics.
(from Elizabeth Forward School District, Lead Local, High Tech High North County, and Kansas City Startup Foundation)

Studio A: PBL Through Design Thinking & the Arts

Studio A is an approach to project-based learning (PBL) that incorporates human-centered design and arts integration strategies to create rich, authentic learning experiences for students. Over the last two years, Avonworth School District in Pittsburgh, PA, has partnered with the Luma Institute and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts to assist teachers in developing ideas through teaching artist and design thinking mini-workshops and brainstorming sessions led by experienced PBL teachers.
(from Avonworth School District, Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Luma Institute)

Sustainable Compassion in Educational Systems

How can we create more compassionate and equitable communities of learning? Sustainable Compassionate Training (SCT) is a comprehensive framework that integrates research in neuroscience, social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and psychology to address this question. In this workshop, we describe SCT and 3 core modalities of care, and provide tools to support educators and parents in deepening their self care, alongside their capacity for care and connection with others.
(from Mt. Lebanon School District, the Courage of Care Coalition, and Penn State University)

Trillionaire Island: The Great PD Cruize Disaster

This highly interactive workshop is part cooperative gameplay and part dialogic examination of collaborative processes in professional practice. During gameplay, participants will work in teams to overcome various challenges posed by an “eccentric trillionaire.” Following gameplay, teams will arrive at shared understandings through dialogic examination and will then design and test a variation of the game based on new insights. Participants may take the resulting product home to share.
(from ISA Learning, Michelle King and Leechburg Area School District)

More about SXSW EDU and PanelPicker

The SXSW EDU Conference & Festival fosters innovation in learning by hosting a community of optimistic, forward-thinking, purpose-driven stakeholders with a shared goal of impacting the future of teaching and learning. Each year, SXSW EDU brings together a community of optimistic, forward-thinking, purpose-driven people with a shared goal of impacting the future of teaching and learning. SXSW EDU returns to Austin, Texas on March 5-8, 2018 for four days of compelling sessions, in-depth workshops, engaging learning experiences, competitions, networking, and so much more.

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