ASSET STEM Education
ASSET STEM Education

ASSET STEM is seeking teachers and STEM professionals to engage in a unique, no-cost program that connects classroom learning with real-world issues and problems.

Through this innovative program, educators engage in professional development exploring Project-based Learning (PBL) and participate in an externship at a STEM-related business where they observe, first-hand:

  • the challenges their students must be equipped to address in future careers
  • the knowledge and skills required to tackle these challenges
  • opportunities to bridge classroom learning with the real world

Studies confirm various positive results of PBL, including: improved content learning, higher levels of student engagement, a more positive view of learning, heightened interest in content, development of problem-solving strategies and increased ability to transfer skills to new situations (Holm, 2011).

If you’re a teacher or STEM professional interested in getting involved, learn more at

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