photo courtesy the Schott Foundation for Public Education
photo courtesy the Schott Foundation for Public Education

Join the Schott Foundation for Public Education in a webinar in their Grassroots Education Series.

The future of our public schools is being determined right now — but do you have a seat at the table? The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), passed in 2015, is being implemented across the country. The ESSA accountability plans that states and districts are setting up now could lead us toward equity and opportunity or push us down the path of privatization and disinvestment.

This webinar will give participants simple and direct guidance on what makes an effective ESSA accountability plan. While the ESSA plans have been finalized in 17 states, the majority of states are still in the developmental stages: parents, advocates and stakeholders should be asking specific questions about how states and districts will effectively account for the progress and achievement of children of color. Since these plans could potentially affect multiple generations of our children, it is essential to understand how stakeholders can engage throughout the process.

Join the Schott Foundation for Public Education for a webinar conversation informed by policy expertise and community organizing. Speakers will include:

Allison Brown, Executive Director, Communities For Just Schools Fund

Tanya Clay House, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for P-12 Education, U.S. Department of Education

Beth Glenn, Director, Education Justice Network (EJN)

Marilyn Young, Education Director, Southern Echo

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