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Event Description | Design thinking is a term increasingly used in education, but what is it? A Google search will likely yield many definitions, often full of jargon. This session intends to demystify design thinking and human-centered design by providing participants the opportunity to practice these processes. During this high-energy session, you will complete a full design cycle, developing and prototyping a tangible solutions to problems often faced in the classroom. Be prepared to move around all day, as this will be a fast-paced workshop!

Background | Design thinking and human-centered design are collaborative processes that can be used to find user-centered solutions to complex problems, be that redesigning a physical space in a school or creating larger systems-level change.  These processes includes defining a problem, ideating and prototyping a number of possible solutions, testing these prototypes, and then refining based on user feedback.

Skill Level | Beginner (no previous knowledge expected or needed)
Cost | Free

There is a limited number of seats for this workshop.

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