Inspire Series: Can miners learn to code?
Inspire Series: Can miners learn to code?

Learn about the transformation of coal miners and the challenge to remake their lives.

“Can miners learn to code?” South Fayette School District, with generous support from the Grable Foundation and the South Fayette Foundation for Excellence will answer that question as part of the Inspire Series to enlighten all in Southwestern Pennsylvania with the courageous story of how coal miners from Appalachia, facing the toughest challenge of their lives, attempt to remake their livelihood transforming from coal miners to computer programmers.

This event open to the general public in Southwestern Pennsylvania will tell how Bit Source, a software development company in Eastern Kentucky, designs and develops websites, applications, tools and software solutions, and was built to answer the question “Can you teach a coal miner to code?” With companies like Bit Source growing in the Appalachian region their optimistic motto has become “Silicon Holler is open for business.” Just as the city of Pittsburgh has transformed itself from steel to tech, and the Remake Learning Network is transforming education by creating a thriving ecosystem of innovation and creativity, the coal miners are attempting to bring a new economy to the region by leaving their lives in the mine to learn to write code, algorithms, and web applications. This is a story that Southwestern Pennsylvania and Appalachia share.

To learn more about Bit Source please see this link:

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