Advancing a network of teachers who inspire today’s learners to succeed in the world of tomorrow.

ECET2: Western PA Teaching for the Future developed as a means to address the needs of our students in a rapidly changing world. It is imperative for educators to be at the forefront of thinking, creativity, and skills development. Teaching for the Future goes well beyond just the latest technology or app. It means:
• Exploring new pedagogy and redesigning learning environments
• Developing partnerships outside of the classrooms and relationships within
• Providing content and instruction informed by a global perspective
• Being attuned to the emerging trends in work and life
• Harnessing technology to break down barriers and embed skills.

Who should attend ECET2?

• The risk-taker who is always trying new, innovative ideas
• The communicator who is really good at sharing information
• The new teacher who is always working to get better
• The veteran who would benefit from a fresh perspective
• The investigator who is curious about new methods, research, and ideas
• The motivator who could get others onboard back home

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