Wireless Innovation for a Networked Society Challenges
Wireless Innovation for a Networked Society Challenges

A $2 million prize for building a more accessible internet.

These challenges are open to a range of participants: individuals, teams, nonprofits and for-profits. Applicants might be academics researching wireless networking; technology activists catalyzing local infrastructure projects; entrepreneurs and innovators developing practical solutions for people who need (better) access; makers aiming to have an impact locally; or students and educators exploring networks and community activism.

The challenges consist of two stages. First is the Design Concept Stage, for ideas that have been thoroughly researched and designed. Second is the Working Prototype Stage, for projects ready to prototype and demo (applicants must complete the Design Concept Stage in order to advance to the Working Prototype Stage). Applicants have opportunities to win prize money during both stages.

Judges selected by Mozilla with input from the NSF will select winners. Judges — experts from academia, NGOs and the business world with expertise in technology, research and community activism — will assess projects based on a range of criteria, like creativity, affordability, social impact and adaptability.

Launch events will be free and open to the public.

The timeline

October 2017: Design Concept submission deadline
Fall 2017: Design Concept winners announced
May 2018: Working Prototype submission deadline
Summer 2018: Working Prototype winners announced

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