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Event Description | Block-based coding environments are a great way to facilitate creative projects and teach early computer science principles.  This training session will teach you the the basics of the 3D block based coding environment  Alice.  It will cover how to use the software and introductory lessons and projects that can be implemented in a range of subject matters.   The goal will be to have you walk away comfortable building scenes, using basic programming constructs to develop simple animations, and finding the resources you need to start using Alice in your classroom.

Background | Alice is a free 3d block based coding environment that can be used as a creative tool or a computer science education platform.  It is used in courses ranging from middle school electives to intro programming courses at the college level as a students first exposure to computer science.  It has a proven track record of broadening the demographics entering the computer science field as well as increasing performance and retention.  It can be used as the core of the curriculum or as a supplemental tool on an as needed or project based level.  Alice supports very early exploration of computer science principles on to curriculum that supports a mediated transfer to the Java programming language through optional advanced tools.

Skill Level | Beginner (no previous knowledge expected or needed)
Cost | Free

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