A free and fun afternoon of games and play exploring how technology is shaping the future of our city

Hang out, Mess Around and Geek Out with regional gamers, local content experts, and other teens.

Bring friends, make friends! Get comparative, Get competitive, Get creative.

Meet startup leaders, app developers, city data scientists, and professional game designers and work together to explore our changing world and demonstrate how new technology will shape the future of our city. Plus, get a look inside AlphaLab Gear, one of the city’s most innovative startup incubators where people are bringing the future to life.

City of Play will roll out a variety of tabletop and physical games to help activate your left and right brain.

Center for Arts & Education at West Liberty University will have gamers on-hand to lead a round of Trivia Bingo, Read Your Game Design Fortune, and run both Hands-on and Augmented Reality Platonic Solids activities.

Plus, teens can get started on the national Games for Change Student Challenge designing their own video games that help people learn about climate change and take action to make a difference.

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