Collins Writing Program
Collins Writing Program

Learn how to plan, teach, and assess three key assignments that significantly impact student achievement.

For teachers in all subject areas, curriculum coordinators, principals, supervisors, curriculum committee members, school based management team members, and special educators. This institute is valuable to all teachers whether they use the Collins Writing Program or not. In this fun, activity-filled session, you will learn how to plan, teach, and assess three key assignments that significantly impact student achievement.

This workshop is particularly appropriate for schools that are preparing for the PA Core because the essential assignments align so well with the recommended performance tasks.

Based on the flagship book by Dr. John Collins, The Collins Writing Program: Improving Student Performance Through
Writing and Thinking Across the Curriculum, this practical, hands-on workshop builds upon the extensive research from
Marzano, Graham and Perin, and others.

Participants will learn how to:
• Teach the three essential writing assignments
• Combine the three essential assignments to produce lengthy substantive writing
• Use a three-step editing model to help students become better editors of their own and their peer’s work
• Employ reading-writing strategies to improve comprehension and retention of subject matter
• Increase academic vocabulary and improve word choice
• Utilize a critical thinking chart that helps students produce organized and content rich argument essays
• Help students improve scores on open-response and writing assessment tests

Time: 8:30am to 3:00pm with a one hour lunch break; please bring a lunch or visit a nearby restaurant.
Cost: If you are not from Cornell School District, the fee to attend is $120 per person. This rate includes a book and materials.

If you are not from the hosting district, contact Collins Education Associates
Phone: 800-932-4477

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