Chatham University Eden Hall
Chatham University Eden Hall

Learn how to use CATTfish water quality monitors and bring them into your classroom

How does the runoff from stormwater events impact our watershed?
Investigate how the CREATE Lab’s CATTfish monitors can measure an indicator of the healthy streams and rivers with samples taken from various water sources. Learn how stormwater contaminants impact the water supply and brainstorm ways to empower students and school communities to make changes to improve stormwater overflow. Find out how to borrow CATTfish monitors from K-12 Programs at Eden Hall to use in your classroom.

If you’re an educator, complimentary dinner and ACT 48 certificates provided!

*Participants that attend all three teacher training events (3/21/2017, 4/18/2017, 5/2/2017) will receive a Speck monitor to use in their classroom.

All teachers are welcome. This workshop is geared more toward teachers 4-12 grades.

Cost: Free



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