Creatives + Commerce = Craft Manufacturing
Creatives + Commerce = Craft Manufacturing

Helping artists access greater economic opportunities.

Bridgeway Capital’s Craft Business Accelerator (CBA) is excited to sponsor the next Artists Only! event at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. Creatives + Commerce = Craft Manufacturing will help Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurial artists, craft businesses, and maker enterprises access and benefit from greater economic opportunities. The CBA applies Bridgeway’s business and community development capabilities to Pittsburgh’s arts and culture sector. The CBA grows entrepreneurial artists, craft businesses, and maker enterprises into small manufacturers who create jobs and ignite innovative and equitable growth in the region.

The CBA is developing a range of tools to realize its economic development goals, and MONMADE is the CBA’s latest tool to connect creatives to commerce. MONMADE couples a well-designed online catalog with a variety of pop-up events to offer handcrafted solutions to personal and professional design needs. We help craft connoisseurs and design professionals discover and collaborate with creative people (like you!) designing and making specialty goods in Pittsburgh. Whether its glass pendant lights for a major development or a ceramic cup for a good friend, MONMADE lets Pittsburgh keep it local.

The evening starts with an informal presentation on the CBA and MONMADE by Adam Kenney, Director of the CBA at Bridgeway Capital. Following the presentation, we want to gather your thoughts on how and what we are doing. A panel of CBA team members will be on hand to answer questions like:

How can MONMADE best serve entrepreneurial artists, craft businesses, and maker enterprises?
What types of projects interest you the most?
What does it look like to transfer your creative work into a manufactured product that is authentic, yet suitable for scalable production?
What kinds of support do you need to grow your business?
In order to make MONMADE and the other CBA programs relevant to and impactful for Pittsburgh creatives, we need your feedback. Please join us for a thoughtful conversation, networking and refreshments.

Cost: Free




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