Innovative solutions to challenges in our communities

Share your innovative thinking and making to solve important problems in EDUCATION, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY and COMBATING HUNGER, facing your communities and our world!

In 2015, Infosys Foundation USA committed $1 million to support Makers across the U.S. during the National of Week of Making initiated by the White House This included the initial launch of the Infy Maker Awards and the #WhyIMake initiative aimed at enabling Makers to share their stories and highlight the impact that making is having on education, entrepreneurship and communities.

This year of the Infy Maker Awards Contest will focus on 4 areas: education, health, environmental sustainability and food. Makers are developing innovative solutions to challenges in these areas that are facing their communities and other communities around the world. Infosys Foundation USA will support 25 Makers (18 years old and older) with the most promising projects, providing each winner with $10,000.

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