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Learning is everywhere. Now you can find it all in one place.

Pittsburgh City of Learning is bringing together dozens of organizations including Pittsburgh Public Schools Summer Dreamers Academy, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Learn and Earn Summer Youth Employment Program, and others to offer many free and affordable learning opportunities to young people throughout greater Pittsburgh.

Through Pittsburgh City of Learning, organizations offering summer learning programs will issue digital badges to recognize student accomplishments, like the knowledge they gain, the skills they develop, and the positive habits they exhibit.

Launching in June 2015, the pghcityoflearning.org online platform will provide a single, searchable website that makes a wide variety of learning opportunities easily accessible to young people and their families.

Join the Campaign

The Sprout Fund is excited to announce a call for youth-serving organizations who are leading summer programs to join the City of Learning campaign.

The first step in joining City of Learning is attending an orientation session in April to learn more about City of Learning, digital badges, and the services that are being offered to organizations that sign on to be part of the campaign (like free training, tech support, and grant opportunities).

Register for ONE of the following orientations:

After attending an orientation session, complete the Interest Form below.

Intake/Interest--City of Learning 2015

  • Please complete the form below to express your interest in being a part of the 2015 Pittsburgh City of Learning campaign.

    Organizations that wish to participate in the campaign must commit to the Criteria for Participation.

    The Sprout Fund encourages participation by organizations that deploy badges across multiple programs; provide opportunities for Sprout to document your activities; offer free or low-cost drop-in programming; and provide activities that connect to opportunities at other organizations and/or online.

  • Instructions

    Please enter the following information about your organization and your summer 2015 programming for teens to express your interest in contributing to this summer's Pittsburgh City of Learning campaign. Additionally, please select the second and third training sessions that you plan to attend. The Sprout Fund, the organization leading this year's campaign, appreciates your interest in CIty of Learning!
  • Organization Information

  • Name of organization
  • Tell us about your organization. What do you do, where are you located, and how will you create learning opportunities for teens in summer 2015?
  • Contact Information

    Please provide contact information for the person who will be your organization's main contact for Pittsburgh City of Learning.
  • What email can we use to send notifications and ask questions about this submission?
  • Please provide an organizaitonal mailing address.
  • List all of the relevant websites or social media links associated with this organization.
    Add a row
  • Audience

    Please provide information about where your teen programming will take place and how many youth you anticipate serving this summer.
  • Where will your teen summer programming take place? You can select more than one neighborhood, if appropriate.
  • How many students will your programming reach this summer?
  • RSVP for Upcoming Training Sessions

    From the options below, please select which training sessions you plan to attend. You must pick one date for session #2 and one date for session #3.

Partner Materials

Badge Design Template

Preparing to participate in Pittsburgh City of Learning? Use the Badge Design Template to begin building badges that identify the competencies learners gain through participating in your program.

Orientation Slides

Review the presentation slides used during Pittsburgh City of Learning orientation sessions.

This program or event is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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