Robot Futures / By Illah Reza Nourbakhsh
Robot Futures / By Illah Reza Nourbakhsh

How will recent developments in technology change our lives by the dawn of the next decade?

How will recent developments in technology change our lives – and practice – by the dawn of the next decade?

Robotics is undergoing a major transformation, and this transformation in turn will change how robotic technologies apply to education and engage learners of all ages.  Robots aren’t walking, talking humanoids any longer. Now, they crawl through riverbeds and measure water pollution; they correlate asthma attacks with particulate matter in the air; they capture high-resolution imagery of archeology sites and bring the sites right into the middle school classroom. In this talk, I will describe the convergence of robotics, Big Data and community empowerment: how it’s shaping a new discourse regarding the role of education in directing community change, and the role of communities in directing the future of technology innovation.  We will describe key trends in technology that will be on-line in the next decade, explaining how new affordances in the 2020’s will affect the practice of education and home-school integration.

Robotics Professor Illah Nourbakhsh is the director of the CREATE Lab, and  author of Robot Futures, recently published by MIT Press. In his book Nourbakhsh contemplates what might happen in the not-so-distant future as robots become both ubiquitous and highly capable – with superhuman abilities in both the physical and digital realms. how we will share our world with these creatures, and how could our society change as it incorporates a race of stronger, smarter beings? Nourbakhsh hopes this book will help us envision, discuss and prepare for change, so that people and communities can influence how the robot future unfolds.

This Lunch & Learn is part of See for Yourself, a month-long residency of the CREATE Lab at Assemble. CREATE Lab partners use and assemble robotic technologies to measure, express, share, advocate and change – by making visible what is often invisible.

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