Feedback on Badge Competencies

The Sprout Fund, on behalf of the Pittsburgh Remake Learning Network and Pittsburgh City of Learning, is leading a community-process to explore the potential for digital badges to recognize learning and achievement.

Last fall 2014, more than 100 teachers, program managers, subject matter experts, and other practitioners participated in a Working Group process to identify of shared competencies, evidence, and learning pathways in the areas of Coding & Gaming, Design & Making, Media Making, Robotics, STEAM, Early Learning, and Career Readiness.

Additional feedback was provided by more than 400 teachers, students, and others that attended the Pittsburgh Learning Pathways Summit on November 21, 2014.

To complete this important work, we are seeking your feedback on the final drafts of competencies submitted by each working group.

Your contribution to this process will help learning programs in Pittsburgh develop digital badges that match shared learning outcomes the broader community values. As a result, when young people in Pittsburgh earn a digital badge, they can be sure that badge has real meaning and value among local educators and employers.

The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and please feel free to provide feedback on more than one focus area.

As a thank you for your participation, if you provide your contact information at the end of the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for one of 5 newly-released FirefoxOS phones from Mozilla, one of the leaders of the Open Badges movement.

Teaching Scratch at Hilltop Computer Center

Coding & Gaming

Coding & Gaming includes learning experiences that are focused on developing technical skills in computer programming, application and game development, as well as creative skills in game design, animation, and storytelling.

Review Coding & Gaming competencies and share feedback

Mobile Makeshop session at Millvale Community Library / Photo: Ben Filio

Design & Making

Design & Making includes learning experiences that focus on the creative process: imagining an idea, researching the user, designing a concept, choosing materials, practicing technique, prototyping a product, etc. Especially focused on DIY culture, the fabrication of physical objects, and interpretation of the built environment.

Review Design & Making competencies and share feedback

Steeltown City of Learning workshop 2014-07-18

Media Making

Media Making includes learning experiences that focus on the production of mass communication, including television, radio, print, digital design, imagery and video, and diverse web-based communications mechanisms.

Review Media Making competencies and share feedback

Girl Scouts learn programming through the Robot Algebra Project / photo: Joey Kennedy


Robotics includes learning experiences that combine robot-focused technical training in computer programming, fabrication, and electronics with design-thinking, iterative problem-solving, and communication.

Review Robotics competencies and share feedback

Using the Hummingbird robotics kit to animate a cardboard creation / photo: Ben Filio


STEAM Learning includes learning experiences that purposefully incorporate elements of multiple disciplines—especially in the arts and sciences—in order to develop learners who can address the complexity of real-world problems.

Review STEAM competencies and share feedback

Baby Promise early childhood and family support from The Kingsley Association

Early Learning

Early Learning includes experiences that are specific to the professional development of Early Childhood educators, including the use of technology, activity planning, and pedagogical approaches.

Review Early Learning competencies and share feedback

Girls of Steel / Brian Cohen

Career Readiness

Career Readiness includes learning experiences that are critical for a student’s success in the workforce, including a breadth of subjects that include leadership development, people skills, personal wellness, job preparation, entrepreneurship, finance, technology, and learning habits.

Review Career Readiness competencies and share feedback

Working Group Members

Thank you to the members of each Working Group for contributing your time and expertise to the process.

Coding & Gaming

Gigi Deming
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Jennifer Stancil
WQED Multimedia

Heather Mallak
Public Studio

Norton Gusky
NLG Consulting

Richard Platts
South Park School District

Todd Hoffman
Environmental Charter School

Justin Aglio
Environmental Charter School

Gary Gardiner
Idea Foundry

Nikki Navta
Zulama Learning

Derek Lomas
Playpower Foundation

Sabrina Haskell
Schell Games

Design & Making

Alex Pazuchanics
City of Pittsburgh

Jane Werner
Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Leanne Bowler
University of Pittsburgh

Lisa Brahms
Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Debralyn Woodberry-Shaw
The Maker’s Place

Nina Barbuto

Deb Sadowski
Holy Family Institute

Aileen Owens
South Fayette School District

Felice Cleveland
Mattress Factory

Kristin Hughes
Carnegie Mellon University

Melanie Cowherd
Environmental Charter School

Nikole Sheaffer
Environmental Charter School

Andre Samuel
Urban Innovation 21

Media Making

Kate Stoltzfus
Plumb Media

Larry Berger
SLB Radio

Susan Howard
Pittsburgh Filmmakers

Jordan Mroziak
Duquesne University

Amber Farr
Steeltown Entertainment

Louise Larson
Tech Shop

Matt Spangler
91.3fm WYEP

Heather Harr
Women & Girls Foundation

Heather White
Andy Warhol Museum

Jesse Kaminsky
Hear Me Project

James Brown

Deesha Philyaw
WQED Multimedia

Sonya Toler
Office of Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

Corey Wittig
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Lisa Hoak
Duquesne University


Adam Shuck
University of Pittsburgh

Jeremy Boyle
Clarion University

Tom Lauwers
BirdBrain Technologies

Bill Padnos

Joe McLaughlin
Carnegie Mellon University

Liz Whitewolf
Propel Schools

Ellen Cavanaugh
Baden Academy Media Lab

Garth Zeglin
Carnegie Mellon University

Tess Lojacono
Fine Art Miracles, Inc.

Theresa Richards
Carnegie Mellon University

Eric Singer
League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots


Teresa DeFlitch

Marilyn Russell
Carnegie Museum of Art

Tresa Varner
Andy Warhol Museum

Alana Kulesa
Carnegie Science Center

John Radzilowicz
ASSET STEM Education

Jennifer Beagan
Allegheny Intermediate Unit

Jessica Meyers
ASSET STEM Education

Michelle King
Environmental Charter School

Stefani Allegreti
University of Pittsburgh

Heather White
Andy Warhol Museum

Linda Haston
Prime Stage Theater

Graig Marx
Winchester Thurston School

Lisa Abel-Palmieri
The Ellis School

Kurt Steigerwald
Green Building Alliance

Joe Burke
Environmental Charter School

Kris Hupp
Cornell School District

Dale Moll
Blackhawk School District

Todd Keruskin
Elizabeth Forward School District

Early Learning

Erika Johnson
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

Michelle Figlar
Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children

Joe Welsh
United Way

Alan Friedman
Fred Rogers Company

Melissa Butler
Pittsburgh Public Schools

Aisha White
Ready Freddy

Tanya Smith
Fred Rogers Center

Wendy Brenneman
Carnegie Science Center

Cathy Lobaugh
Allegheny Intermediate Unit

Roberta Schomberg
Carlow University

Sue Polojac
Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children

Mary Beth Parks
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Career Readiness

Seth Hufford

Dave Malone

Tamica Mickle

James Doyle
Pittsburgh Public Schools

David Mosey
Smart Futures

Wayne Brinda
Prime Stage Theater

Kevin Martin
Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board

Peter Wardrip
Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Tim Cook
Saxifrage School

Jessica Ruffin
Public Allies

Aleina Smith
Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board

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